McDonald's - McValue Lunch


Lunch hour is a highly competitive time spot in the QSR sector in Australia. We were tasked with the challenge of protecting McDonald’s lunchtime market share through the launch of McValue.




Perceived value and product variety is a key consideration for lunch choices.

Our agencies planners used audience segmentation to determine – ‘Value conscious’ individuals aged between 25-39 year old.

Consumers are more prone to act on recency of message.



Using a combination of location-targeted premium and network media, we drove consumers to play a 'Lunch Run' game we created within an ad unit. This was a HTML5 mobile destination created as a hub for all activity, designed to engage users at moments of downtime. The interactive ad explained the concept of the menu and showcased the range.

Via a GPS location feature built into the app, consumers were subsequently directed to their nearest McDonald’s.  



In order to best track the campaign performance, we integrated a full suite of analytics on the site to measure interaction direct from the source. The results achieved were above our expectations – especially dwell time which was over one minute.

We also generated thousands of McDonald's store look-ups.