In The Headlines

  1. The whole world has been abuzz with conversation following Apple’s recent announcements. In case you have missed it, Airwave put together a handy summary and point of view on iOS 8, iPhone 6, Apple Pay and the new Apple Watch

  2. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding mobile payments – Apple Pay has clearly won over financial firms as rivals clamour to support Apple Pay. Samsung has also announced plans to team with PayPal to roll out mobile payments on their watch.

  3. mCommerce seems to be the on everyone’s agenda – Twitter is no exception. Just last issue, we reported that Twitter has launched video ads. This month, Twitter tests mCommerce with the “buy” button.

  4. Google is also eyeing a share of the low-price smartphone market pie with the launch of the  Android One line of smartphones. Like Mozilla’s $33 Intex Cloud FX, the phone has been launched first in India, and subsequently across the SEA region in 2015.

  5. Facebook relaunches Atlas, which will allow them to leverage on Facebook users who are logged in across devices. This allows Facebook to support a new persistent tracking mechanism across multiple devices.

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Exciting Updates in Mobile Communications

  1. eBay app advertising in AU
    EBay, will start running in-app and mobile web ads on mobile and tablet for the first time in Q4:

  2. Missed Call Advertising with Zip Dial
    At MMA Smarties this year we saw Unilever India sweep up a number of awards for the missed call mobile campaign they ran ( This prompted us to ask questions on the phenomenon of the marketing strategy in India and could this possibly work in other markets. Zip Dial allows brands to reach consumers by capitalizing on missed calls where a number is displayed prompting the user to place a missed call via a banner advertisements, offline, print, and most recently via a partnership they launched with Facebook ads.  Once the user’s number is captured, brands are then able to communicate with their audience with targeted promotions, content, broadcasting service, couponing, loyalty schemes etc. Zip Dial has just recently launched in Indonesia and Philippines.

  3. Opera – Sponsored Web Pass
    Recently Opera has launched a new service called Sponsor Web Pass. When a user is within the Opera Browser, they can access free data (sponsored by brands) for an hour / a day by engaging with their adverts. This can be videos, or interstitials and showcased throughout their whole browsing experience (e.g. every 15 minutes).

    This could be a great way to collect data and leads for brands by taking the user deeper into a lead generation form/or survey by rewarding them with free data. We think this will work particularly well in countries with more price sensitive consumers.

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Where to Find Out More

  1. Campaign measurement metrics has been a topic of conversation over the last few months, with lots of conflicting messages out in market. A recent article recently came out which does a good job of discussing the alternative metrics to CTR in detail.

  2. Millennial Media has launched the APAC edition of their 2014 Mobile Mix Report. The report covers the mobile devices used in this region, and how mobile users are engaging with their devices.

  3. Localytics has compiled an eBook on how to best engage your mobile app users in 10 seconds. This is a great read, especially as brands are increasingly competing for consumer attention in today’s cluttered marketplace.

  4. Google has recently released an article on 5 shopping trends that marketers need to look out for this holiday season. Unsurprisingly, Mobile plays a pivotal role across all of the trends!

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This Issue’s Case Study – PayPal Seasonal Security


Campaign Objective
Increase brand awareness of PayPal as an engagement platform and to ultimately drive an increase of purchase payment via PayPal. We also needed to increase the number of sign-ups amongst new customers.

Campaign Insights
Our target audience of ‘educated techies’ are digitally savvy and are highly inclined towards engaging in mobile shopping activities. They are highly sociable, and often relied heavily on word of mouth recommendations during holiday gift purchases.

Additional insights into customer purchase history also revealed that users had to complete three online transactions with PayPal in the first 90 days of sign up in order to become habitual and regular users of PayPal’s service.

Campaign Strategy
We utilised a mixed media buy strategy that included rich media, video interstitials and standard banner display. Because the media space during the holiday season has historically been highly cluttered, we used very precise and clever targeting strategies based on location, channel, context as well as utilised the first in market targeting technology called App Verify.

Understanding the verticals that our target audience frequented, we carefully seeded our “security” and “peace of mind” messaging in these segments including Fashion, Travel and Technology.

We also tapped on social mediums to reach these savvy shoppers, our mobile experience had to be heavily rooted in social sharing and we achieved this via the #paypalwish hashtag across multiple social media platforms including Instagram. Users were offered the opportunity to share their wish to stand a chance to win a daily Christmas gift of their choice.

We flighted our content during three key user periods where shopping transactions sky rocketed – these were Black Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

We were the first advertiser in SEA to access a cutting-edge mobile app detection technology that allowed us to successfully target consumers based on the apps installed on their mobile devices. We specifically targeted consumers who had downloaded competitor m-commerce apps (Amex,  MasterCard, etc.) and we also targeted consumers who had downloaded retailer apps supported by PayPal’s payment system (eBay, Luxury retailer Reebonz, ASOS, Agoda, TinyDeal).

Finally, we were also able to segment an audience of consumers who had already downloaded PayPal to spur them to become a more active user. Once targeted, we delivered exclusive offers to entice them to use PayPal. Subsequently, we were also able to retarget partially engaged users, ensuring that users were constantly reminded of the PayPal brand name.

Campaign Results
Immense campaign success resulting in a follow-up campaign from PayPal. The consumer campaign was deemed a massive success with 220,000 engaged consumers transacting during the campaign whilst also stimulating 156,000 newly activated consumers.

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