In The Headlines

 1.     Microsoft’s $7.2BN+ Acquisition of Nokia’s Devices Business Is Now Complete. Nokia’s Hardware Division Will Become ‘Microsoft Mobile’.

2.     Exciting news surrounding Facebook with the launch of Facebook Audience Network, app links and many other new features at f8 and Facebook Mobile surpassing their billionth user (33% YOY growth!)

3.     Twitter User Growth Accelerates To 5.8%, With 255M Monthly Users (And 78% Of Them On Mobile)

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Exciting Updates in Mobile Communications

 1.     Programmatic gets more local in Indonesia

If you have any campaigns in Indonesia, then mobile inventory can now be accessed via mobile-specific DSPs. Detik is a premium entertainment and news portal with significant reach across the country.

2.     Facebook’s mobile ad network

We shared an article above on the Facebook Audience Network but how does this impact on you? Airwave has been talking to our local reps and it seems it will take some time build up in APAC. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.
What we do know is that the network is going to be quite international (e.g. Huffington Post), though the level of targeting that we will be able to apply (i.e. the targeting that Facebook can offer), should mean that this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most clients with a regional remit. In the meantime, if you would like to be kept in the loop to be one of the first campaigns in the region, please let us know so we can flag this with Facebook.

 3.     Location, location, location

This really is one of the core strengths of mobile and we work with some amazing vendors who offer excellent targeting solutions. One of these networks recently updated us on how we can target audiences through real-time location, or historic location patterns. The vendor has also recently built a specific product aimed at driving footfall. This is perfect for any events you are supporting, or for retailers such as H&M, McDonald’s, IKEA, etc.


 Where to Find Out More

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2.     Seeing returns: Building loyalty at hotels through digital customer experience - Read this report if you have a client in the hospitality/tourism industry that you want to impress! You’ll discover the latest insights on how mobile can be a useful tool in impressing and retaining guests.

3.     Eight inspirational examples of mobile innovation from Asia – We truly believe that APAC is at the forefront of mobile innovation and this article shares abroad range of examples.

4.     Smartphones: The silent killer of the Web as you know it - Will the future of the web really be app-based? Behaviours from younger demographics suggest the way we use the internet is evolving.


 Airwave’s view on…. Beacons.

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Beacons have the potential to change the retail space and beyond 

Beacon technology, otherwise known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), has been heralded as an innovative approach to increasing footfall for retailers. The idea is fairly simple – retailers can send relevant content via push notifications into their app, based on the real-time location of their consumers. When Apple launched the iBeacon feature as part of its iOS7 release, the world was intrigued and many leading retailers at the digital forefront were eager to become part of this potentially new shift in the industry.
How do beacons/BLE work?
The concept of proximity target is not new. GPS tracking and NFC (Near Field Communications) have been present in the mobile industry for some time now. So what sets BLE apart? Many brands and consumers assumed that Bluetooth was a redundant technology given the prevalence of Wi-Fi.

However with Bluetooth 4.0, only a fraction of a smartphone’s battery is consumed compared to earlier counterparts. In addition, a Bluetooth emitting beacon is a precise positioning mechanism that transmits a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), allowing for highly accurate micro-location targeting, both indoors and outdoors, something that GPS and NFC do not perform as well on.
Content can now be pushed straight onto a user’s device while they are in a 100 foot proximity to a beacon. This can encourage footfall and interaction while consumers are outside a store, inside a store, or at any other relevant location or event.
What can beacons do?
The potential of this technology is immense. Beacon uptake to date, has been led by leading retailers including:

This list is set to expand greatly in the coming months as more brands jump on the beacon bandwagon.

Beyond everyday retail solutions such as CRM solutions and product marketing, beacons can also be applied as:

 Airwave’s view

We definitely buy into the idea of having contextually relevant information just as we need it. It cuts out the clutter of irrelevant information and serves up on information that can actually be useful to the consumer there and then. Consumers today are empowered with the autonomy to choose the content they wish to engage in, resulting in brands having to work even harder to occupy just a fraction of the consumer’s attention.
Beacons straddle both the push and pull of communications. Consumers have the choice to opt-in to messaging they wish to receive and brands can then push these tailored messages and pieces of information to the consumer’s device.
From a macro perspective, this form of communication is not only value-adding, but it also offers an array of insights into what might previously be a sketchy consumer profile. When consumers opt into (or out of) certain information, brands are given insights into consumer preferences and purchase patterns. Brands can now better understand the different profiles of their consumers. What this enables, perhaps in the near future, is fully customised 1-1 communication between brand and consumer.

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