In The Headlines

 1.     Daum and Kakao have confirmed that the two companies will merge to form a new joint corporation to be known as Daum Kakao; creating one of South Korea’s largest internet companies.

2.     Spotify reached the landmark of 10 million paid subscribers – they now have 40 million monthly active users, across 56 countries.

3.     Omnicom Media Group announced a mobile-focused deal with Twitter. In other news, Twitter’s Access scheme has been shown to boost APAC usage by offering zero-rated data use across dozens of local mobile carriers. It is estimated that 40% of all Twitter users will be APAC based by 2018

4.     Apple have purchased Beats Electronics for $3B, meaning they now also make apps for other mobile platforms, which could impact the future of music streaming.

5.     Apple have also had their annual WWDC, where they announced the forthcoming iOS 8 operating system. 5 Key learnings from a mobile perspective are listed here.

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 Exciting Updates in Mobile Communications

 1.     Mobile Ads Now Available on Spotify

Mobile ads are now available on Spotify! However, at present, it is only available through a packaged purchase with desktop. We will be meeting up with the Spotify team in the upcoming weeks and will provide you with updates if you are interested in finding out more

2.     World Cup Packages

Airwave have a wide variety of vendor packages available for the upcoming World Cup. As we’ve shared in an article below, mobile is an unavoidable component during one of the biggest televised sporting event. We have put together an extensive array of packages, including sponsorship/integration, hashtag targeting, location based profiling and FIFA game integration opportunities that you could utilise for any of your clients.


 Where to Find Out More

 1.     Perfect Payments - Read this report to find out more about the Asian mobile commerce revolution and the latest trends in mobile enabled commercial transactions.

2.     First screen is now mobile: Finds our 30-country study on multiscreen behaviour - In this report you’ll find out how to capitalise on multiscreen behaviours and how consumers utilise multiple screens across the day.

3.     In a multi-screen future, phones don’t control TVs, TVs control phones – Multiscreen? Second screen? Read this article to know more about the latest buzz word that every mobile marketer has recently added to their dictionary.


 This Issue’s Case-Study

 Nivea Stain-free Deodorant


We feature some of the interesting projects that Airwave has been involved in across the region. In this issue, we’ve decided to feature some great work that the Airwave team did with Nivea during the launch of their newest stain-free deodorant for men.


Our objective was to generate product awareness of Nivea’s stain free deodorant for men in Singapore in November 2013.

Campaign Insights

Our target audience of men aged between 20-40 are difficult to reach and even more difficult to engage with – especially in the CPG category.

We knew that our audience spent over 125 minutes per day on mobile devices and were avid gamers.

We also understood that for our audience to appreciate the product USP, we needed them to feel self-conscious about any potential stains they might have on their existing clothing.

Campaign Strategy

Using gyroscope technology in smartphones, we engaged our target audience by inviting them to play a short game based on the phenomenally popular Paper Toss game.

Users were instructed to lift up their arm to adopt a throwing position. Once the arm was elevated, the user had a few attempts to toss the paper into the bin by physically flicking their smartphone. The joy of a successful throw was quickly met with an awkward message, questioning whether the user was confident about raising their arms.

The rich media ad unit was planned across verticals including Sports, Health & Fitness, Automotive, Technology, Lifestyle and Gaming – key environments for males 20-40.


We achieved an incredible 85% engagement rate, with a high percentage of users playing the game more than once.

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