In The Headlines

  1. Congratulations to PHD China for clinching the Marketing Company of the Year at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Smarties™ China 2014.

  2. Facebook has launched cross-device tracking capabilities that will allow advertisers to know the platform (desktop, mobile ,tablet) that their promotion was first viewed on and whether the view was converted into a purchase.

  3. In other news, Facebook has also ramped up ad efforts in emerging markets by introducing a new form of ad targeting based on cell signal strength – this could be a really interesting solution in markets such as India and Thailand.

  4. Here are 5 key take-outs from Instagram’s new suite of business tools for advertisers that will help brands understanding engagement metrics on their posts.

  5. Mozilla’s first foray into the smartphone market begins with a low-cost $33 phone for the Indian market. They plan to sell 500,000 devices in the next 3 months.

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Exciting Updates in Mobile Communications

  1. Mobile Vendors Using Enriched Data
    In order to fend off agency trading desks, many vendors are now increasing investments in their DMP/Enriched Data capabilities. A number of them are offering incentivised trials to test whether there is uplift in performance compare to standard targeting.

  2. Twitter Launches Video Ads
    Twitter’s highly-anticipated video ads went into beta on 12th August, meaning that any advertiser can begin buying the new advertising format. The ads will be charged on a CPV basis.


  3. Augmented Reality with Blippar
    Blippar is one of the market leaders in the field of Augmented Reality. Their technology can be activated from any image/product and does not require any specific printing or patterns, which means we can use existing assets such as print ads, posters or direct mail. Consumers will need to download the Blippar app in order to engage in the AR. They have a strong record of higher-than-average dwell time (average time spent on a Blipp is 75 seconds), and they’re now making a strong push into Asia.
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  4. Facebook Cross-Device Ads Reporting
    As we shared earlier, Facebook has launched a cross-device view in their ads reporting, enabling advertisers to see for the first time how people are moving between devices — across mobile apps and the web, before they convert.

    Advertisers can use the cross device report to better understand the value of their mobile impressions and to justify the differences between third-party analytics tools that do not account for conversions across devices. To view the amount of cross device conversions, the client will need to first install the Facebook Conversion pixel on the mobile and desktop websites. If they have a mobile app with the Facebook SDK installed you will also be able to see cross device conversions that happen in the app.

    Learn more about cross device conversions and our Conversion Pixel on the Facebook for Business blog here:

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Where to Find Out More

  1. The IAB has released their Global Mobile Advertising Revenue Report 2014 - APAC maintains marginal lead in mobile display advertising and remains as the second largest region in the World for mobile advertising revenue.

  2. Media Multitaskers and Purchase Influence – The IAB has also launched a new insights report on the emerging trend of multi-screening. The report illustrates the differing roles of screens throughout the purchase pathway.

  3. The Most Important M’s in M-Commerce – Mums, Millennials and Multinationals are critical audiences to reach with your m-commerce strategy.

  4. Use of mobile coupons is accelerating rapidly. A new report from Juniper Research found that there will be 1.05 billion mobile coupon users globally by 2019.

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