Nivea - Men's Invisible Deodorant (anti-stain)


Our objective was to generate product awareness of Nivea’s stain-free deodorant for men

Market: Singapore (November 2013)



Our target audience of men 20-40 are difficult to reach and even more difficult to engage with – especially in the CPG category.

We knew that our audience spent over 125 minutes per day on mobile devices and were avid gamers.

The product provides men with more confidence by reducing staining on clothing, For our audience to appreciate the product USP, we needed them to feel self-conscious about stains they might have on their existing clothing.



Using gyroscope technology in smartphones, we engaged our target audience by inviting them to play a short game based on the phenomenally popular Paper Toss.

Users were instructed to lift up their arm to adopt a throwing position. Once the arm was elevated, the user had a few attempts to toss the paper into the bin by physically flicking their smartphone. The joy of a successful throw was quickly met with an awkward message, questioning whether the user was confident about raising their arms. The game therefore highlighted how simple acts, which consumers do not  consciously think about, might lead to embarrassing situations where they are judged by their peers.

The rich media ad unit was planned across verticals including Sports, Health & Fitness, Automotive, Technology, Lifestyle and Gaming – key environments for males 20-40.



We achieved an incredible 85% engagement rate, with a high percentage of users playing the game more than once.