Ponds Pure White - Moji Partnership


We were tasked with re-launching Pond’s Pure White cleanser in China.



Pollution levels were particularly high in 2013 throughout China. It was a topic that was discussed at length on the news and in blogs, forums and social media channels – especially within our core target audience group. Consumers were concerned about  broader issues such as the impact on the environment but also on how it affected their daily lives. Consumers were particularly concerned about the long term and short term health implications, including the impact on their skin, which was constantly exposed to the polluted air.


Understanding the consumer paranoia about pollution, we worked with Moji, the top weather app to tell the product story and build mass awareness. In order to have a deeper integration with the app, we adopted a product placement approach, where the usual Moji cartoon host, modeled the product. The cartoon character also gave daily tips for skin care, which clicked through to the product website.


Our insight on increased concern over the pollution issues was fully justified as the Moji app’s traffic spiked much more than usual, ensuring we over-delivered on all our projected results, leading to even better awareness than anticipated.